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Modernizing First Friday’s Online Presence: The Story of Their Website Transformation

For the last 5 weeks or so, First Friday’s has entrusted us with redeveloping their website while also constructing an umbrella brand that could encompass their diverse ventures under one roof. And thus FACE 614 was conceived!

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Revolutionizing Patient Transportation: A Case Study on Eko Square’s Website Design for Priority Patient Care Services

Through our strategic web design expertise, we were hyped to create a digital transportation website that not only addresses the challenges faced by PPCS, but also empowers patients in their quest to meet their scheduled and unscheduled appointments, hassle-free.

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African Queen Cuisine – Eko Square Visual Brand Sessions

In this issue, we’re excited to share a case study on how our visual branding treatments can help local eateries improve their bottom line.

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The Hidden Cost of Convenience: How Food Delivery Services are Hurting Black-Owned Restaurants

  In the age of convenience, food delivery apps like Uber Eats and Doordash have become a go-to…

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Black-Owned Restaurant Closings and its impact on the Ohio Economy

The recent closings of black-owned restaurants in Ohio have brought attention to the challenges that these businesses face. Some notable examples include Angie’s Soul Cafe, a popular spot in Cleveland, and The Pit BBQ Grille in Evanston.

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